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Brian Bojan Dordevic

Brian Bojan Dordevic


My immigration case was more challenging than most, as I moved a lot. While I went through most of it on my own, on the very last step of N400, I encountered numerous difficulties. That first application got denied. After that experience, I didn’t want to take any chances with my citizenship. To give some more context, My second citizenship application with Julia happened just before the COVID pandemic, and it created delays that caused even more significant uncertainties about my case.

What I’ve learned from Julia is that filing for naturalization is not merely filling a form. She successfully helped me overcome my challenges and get my citizenship application approved. The way she helped me deal with N400 and subsequent requests for evidence notices was very professional and, most importantly, successful.

Demands from USCIS are complex, language is confusing and dealing with filing stress is probably one of the worst anxieties you can have in your life, especially when all of it is happening during the pandemic. Julia was great not only at helping me wrap these documents successfully but also helped me expedite the process with all legal options available in a slow system distressed with the natural disaster.

I honestly don’t believe I would be able to navigate the intricacies of USCIS on my own. It was a blessing that I had a caring attorney that is a straight shooter, demanding and ensuring that you find all documents that immigration officers request or even may request from you, leaving them no option but to approve you.

Thank you, Julia; I appreciate all the experience and hard work in making my dream happen.


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