Success Stories

Success Stories

Sverdloff Law Group P.C. works vigorously and passionately for our clients, as evidenced by our history of success. We are determined to help individuals reach their immigration goals and keep families together.

U.S. Citizenship

Our client, after navigating 16 years of unwavering perseverance and determination, has triumphed in obtaining US citizenship through the N-400 application process. We extend our deepest gratitude for entrusting us with this profound journey. Your unwavering faith has been the cornerstone of our guidance, illuminating the path through every challenge encountered along the road to citizenship.

Approval for Affirmative Political Asylum

Our client, after enduring a prolonged wait since 2015, has finally received approval for an affirmative political asylum application following the filing of a mandamus lawsuit. This significant milestone, achieved through strategic legal action, underscores the power of perseverance in navigating complex immigration challenges. We are deeply grateful for your trust and patience throughout this journey.

Asylum Granted

Our client, having successfully obtained asylum, is now taking the next step by filing for naturalization. Additionally, many of our asylum clients have received grants for their green cards, marking significant progress in their immigration journey. We are honored to have played a role in these achievements and remain committed to providing unwavering support throughout every step of the process.

Asylum Granted

Our client, a courageous individual who endured past persecution and entered the United States without inspection, has achieved a significant milestone: being granted asylum by an Immigration Judge in Chicago, based on political opinion. We are ecstatic for her success, especially after navigating the rigorous cross-examination by the DHS prosecutor. The judge’s belief in our client’s credibility, supported by her thorough preparation, fills us with immense joy. This outcome not only secures a brighter future for our client but also exemplifies our firm’s steadfast commitment to providing effective legal representation in immigration matters.

I-212 Waiver Approval

Our client, determined to overcome immigration hurdles, sought our legal aid after being removed from the U.S. upon arrival. We swiftly prepared and submitted an I-212 waiver to the USCIS Field Office, securing approval from the Field Office Director. This achievement highlights both our client’s resilience and our firm’s commitment to effective legal support in immigration matters, showcasing our dedication to facilitating reunification and overcoming obstacles in the immigration process.

U Visa Approval

Our client, eagerly awaiting resolution in their immigration journey, recently received uplifting news: approval of their U visa dated October 28, 2016, from the Vermont Service Center (VSC). Remarkably, no Requests for Evidence (RFE) were issued throughout the process. This joyous outcome extends not only to the principal applicant but also to three derivatives, marking a significant milestone in their pursuit of legal status.

I-360 Approval

Our client, a highly skilled professional, relocated to the U.S. to be with his spouse, who held a high-paying job. Embracing the role of a dedicated stay-at-home parent, he managed domestic responsibilities while raising their children. Despite facing challenges, including a strained marriage marked by meticulous household inspections, our client sought legal counsel after a separation. Directed to our firm, we successfully navigated the complexities, leading to the recent approval of the I-360 petition. This marks a significant victory for our client, reflecting both his resilience and our commitment to providing effective immigration legal support.

Fiancé Visa Approval

Our client, a gay Afghan citizen, has successfully obtained approval for a fiancé visa. Notably, the in-person meeting requirement has been waived, and our expedited processing request has received approval. This significant milestone not only underscores the recognition of diverse relationships but also demonstrates a commitment to flexibility and efficiency within the immigration process.


Our client, a Serbian citizen, achieved a significant milestone as the immigration judge granted their I-751 petition to remove conditions on marriage. This success reflects both our client’s dedication to the process and the effectiveness of our legal representation. Attorney Sverdloff presented compelling evidence, securing a positive outcome that ensures our client’s continued presence in the United States.

Green Card in Removal Proceedings

Our client, a green card holder from Pakistan, saw his case terminated by the Board of Immigration Appeals, following attorney Sverdloff’s success in securing the termination of removal proceedings in Chicago Immigration Court for an Illinois criminal conviction.

Adjustment of Status

Our client, a Canadian citizen who initiated the Adjustment of Status process, encountered a challenging phase in the application journey. Following the submission, our client received a Request for Evidence and a Notice of Intent to Deny. Eventually, their commitment to the process paid off, as they were granted Legal Permanent Resident status, marking a successful resolution to a complex immigration scenario.

NIW Approval

Our client, a Russian National specializing in architecture, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful approval of their NIW application. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy, considering the absence of citations in their petition, and underscores the exceptional merit of their contributions to the field of architecture.


Our client with a terminal illness had a fiancé who arrived on a K-1 visa. They got married and he passed away before they could complete their paperwork. We navigated these difficulties by pursuing the I-360/I-485 package for special cases. Despite some obstacles, the fiancée successfully adjusted her status.


Our client, a Ukrainian singer, achieved an EB-1 visa for extraordinary ability in the United States, and their application was approved in under four months, with no Requests for Evidence (RFEs) required.

Mandamus Petition

Our client, originally from Afghanistan, underwent an affirmative asylum interview. An entire year passed with no decision issued following the interview. Concerned about the prolonged delay, we decided to take action and sent a letter to the Chicago Asylum Office, expressing our intention to file a mandamus petition. This was a necessary step in line with our client’s desire to pursue a mandamus action, which they had engaged us to undertake. Remarkably, within a mere two weeks of sending the letter, we received the long-awaited decision.

Asylum & I-730

Our client’s family had been eagerly awaiting their consular interviews in Turkmenistan. Following our client’s successful asylum application, we promptly submitted the I-730 forms to reunite them with their loved ones. Our client has been separated from his wife and three children since 2015, making this impending reunion a truly heartwarming and exciting moment for everyone involved!

Violence Against Women Act

Our client received approval for their change of status (AOS) under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) after a long journey that started in 2017. This case had its ups and downs, but our determination paid off. When we called our client personally to share the great news, he thanked us for the personal touch in delivering it.

I-90 Renewal Approval

Our client’s USCIS Form I-90 renewal application was not only swiftly approved but also efficiently processed and delivered within an astonishingly brief span of two weeks. This exceptional turnaround time showcases our commitment to providing our clients with prompt and effective immigration services, ensuring their continued legal status and peace of mind.

B-2 Change of Status

Our client successfully secured approval for a series of B2 extension of status requests who had been out of status since 2021. Despite filing these extensions later than ideal, we gathered compelling supporting evidence to substantiate her case. She has now regained her legal status!

H-1B Adjustment of Status

Our client’s marriage-based Adjust of Status application was approved in an astonishingly brief period of just three months, and notably without the need for an interview. This extraordinary success story stands as a testament to the meticulous approach and dedication of our legal team, as well as the unwavering commitment of our clients to their immigration journey.

U-Visa Adjustment of Status

Our client held a U visa but encountered a significant hurdle when her application for Adjustment of Status was initially denied based on discretionary grounds. After a thorough and exhaustive legal process, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has reviewed our Motion to Reopen and, recognizing the strength of our arguments and evidence, has reversed their initial decision. Today, our client holds in her hands not just a green card, but also the promise of a stable and prosperous future in the United States.

Green Card in Removal Proceedings

Our client sought Attorney Julia Sverdloff’s assistance in 2020 after having been placed in removal proceedings since 2009. He had a defensive asylum claim and an I-130 petition filed by his spouse. After so many years, he had built strong ties to the U.S., such as purchasing his family home, marrying a U.S. Citizen, raising two U.S. citizen daughters, and founding a successful transportation company. Attorney Sverdloff zealously advocated for him by monitoring the I-130 petition and ensuring that once it was approved, he applied for his green card. Since the client was still in removal proceedings, Attorney Sverdloff filed and presented an in-depth adjustment of status packet on his behalf on the day of his individual court hearing. With the help of Attorney Sverdloff, the judge granted the green card, ending a 14-year court battle.

Permanent Resident Card

Our client was at Purdue University with F-1 visa status. He is a talented aerospace engineering student who missed out on a NASA internship for his program due to misleading information from the Designated School Official (DSO). The DSO mistakenly told him that he could drop a class which caused him to drop below the full-time student credit requirement. He was notified by the International Student Services (ISS) that he had violated his application status. He contacted our firm desperately seeking help as his educational pursuits were in jeopardy if proper action was not taken. Attorney Sverdloff further investigated the miscommunication between the advisor and the student in an effort to reinstate his F-1 student status. The team at Sverdloff Law Group P.C. gathered letters of recommendation on his behalf, school transcripts, along with thorough and detailed evidence regarding his honesty, good moral character, and proof of his academic achievements and bright future. He was approved and authorized to stay in the U.S. in pursuit of his dreams after the diligent effort and thorough document compiled on his behalf by Sverdloff Law Group P.C.

U.S. Naturalization

Our client had an extensive and challenging record, including twelve prior arrests, but Sverdloff Law Group P.C. tackled the case head-on. Attorney Sverdloff and her team compiled and prepared his Naturalization application, going above and beyond to compile all necessary documentation to prove his good moral character, such as letters of reference and Salvation Army AA completion to prove his intentions and effort toward rehabilitation as a U.S. permanent resident. He is grateful to have found an empathetic law firm that has supported him and worked diligently at obtaining his Naturalization in the U.S.

Green Card in Removal Proceedings

Our client initially engaged Attorney Julia Sverdloff for what they believed would be a straightforward marriage-based adjustment of status application. However, their situation proved to be far more complex. Unbeknownst to the couple, one of them was entangled in removal proceedings in San Francisco, having been referred to immigration court following an unsuccessful asylum interview, and the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) had jurisdiction over the case. In response, our office meticulously prepared an extensive and well-documented Prosecutorial Discretion request, which was submitted to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Remarkably, ICE reviewed our request and concurred with our argument. As a result, the immigration judge granted a dismissal, paving the way for our client to proceed with her green card application through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Through a comprehensive adjustment of status packet, our client’s green card application was not only processed swiftly but was also approved without the need for an interview. This remarkable success story serves as a testament to the dedication and meticulous approach of our legal team, and it reflects the unwavering commitment of our clients to their immigration journey. Today, the couple can finally enjoy life together in the U.S. and look forward to reuniting with family abroad after enduring many years of separation.

Permanent Resident Card

Our client traveled home to Jordan during the pandemic to care for his ill father, who had to undergo surgery. To his surprise, as he attempted to return to the U.S., he was made aware that his conditional two year green card had expired. This was a very stressful and scary situation for him as he had left his wife and son back home in the U.S. He contacted our office, and Attorney Julia Sverdloff, Esq. quickly filed a petition to remove conditions on his residence. Attorney Sverdloff thoroughly explained the situation to USCIS and with detailed documentation, was successful in obtaining a 24-month extension of his conditional lawful permanent resident card. As soon as we received a notice of action, or I-797C, we mailed a copy to him in Jordan via FedEx and with this, he was admitted back into the U.S., where he was able to return home and reunite with his wife and son.

EB1-A Approval

Our client, a successful entrepreneur in the gaming industry, secured EB1-A approval within just one week of filing, without any Request for Evidence (RFE). He is credited for developing an impressive launcher for a renowned video game. Our submission included documentation of his high salary, numerous supportive letters from fellow gaming entrepreneurs, relevant articles highlighting his achievements, proof of participation in industry exhibitions, and a compelling support letter accompanied by a picture of his innovative launcher.

Fraud Waiver Approval

Our client successfully obtained a fraud waiver approval after entering with a fake Brazilian passport. The entire process, including the submission of both the 1-485 and fraud waiver, took one year to complete.

Permanent Resident Card

Our client, the prospective immigrant spouse of a U.S. citizen, had initially planned to initiate the green card application process with her husband in 2020. Unfortunately, a week before the scheduled appointment with our office, her husband passed away in an industrial accident. In response, we filed an I-360 on her behalf, securing approval, and subsequently submitted an I-485 for Adjustment of Status. Despite her husband’s death, her designation as an Immediate Relative persisted, enabling her to uphold the exemption and undergo successful adjustments. She received approval and now holds the status of a Lawful Permanent Resident.

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