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Chicago Deportation and Removal Defense Attorney

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Deportation and Removal Defense

If you are facing deportation, Sverdloff Law Group can help. Our practice is global and serves clients in all 50 states who are subjected to removal proceedings. Because immigration law is our only focus, you can feel safe knowing that we are committed to you and your case. Call Sverdloff Law Group to help you in your fight to stay in the country.

An immigration attorney can help you successfully fight removal and deportation with an effective defense that uses a sound legal strategy. This is especially important in the case where you are unable to return to your home country. Attorney Julia Sverdloff has successfully handled many tough deportation cases, including those involving serious criminal convictions and accusations of marriage fraud.

What is a Removal Proceeding?

Removal proceedings can be based on inadmissibility or deportability. Those immigrants who are subject to removal proceedings on the ground of inadmissibility will be prohibited from even entering the United States. Those immigrants who are facing removal proceedings on grounds of deportability are already present in the United States and may be forced to leave the country. When an individual faces deportation for violating immigration laws or being convicted of a crime, they may be eligible to find relief from removal. Additionally, these individuals are unlikely to have the ability to be naturalized as citizens in the future. This is known as exclusion, and such proceedings are often involved in a removal proceeding with deportation hearings.

Why Will Someone Be Deported?

While many immigrants who enter the country illegally are deported, there are several reasons why someone who is lawfully present in the United States might be deported. There are six reasons that an immigrant may face deportation, including:

  • The immigrant enters the country unlawfully
  • The immigrant violates the terms of admission in the United States based on his status or works in the country without permission.
  • The immigrant is convicted of crimes that range from aggravated felonies to crimes of moral turpitude
  • The immigrant is a member of a prohibited organization
  • The immigrant becomes a public charge within five years of entering the United States
  • The immigrant’s asylum application has been denied or referred to an Immigration Judge

How Can Sverdloff Law Group Help Me with Deportation and Removal Defense?

With knowledge of how the immigration court system works, Sverdloff Law Group will use every piece of evidence and come up with the best strategy to help you avoid deportation. Our removal and deportation defense lawyer in Chicago can assist in a broad range of situations, such as bond proceedings, political asylum, adjustment of status in removal proceedings, and cancellation of removal for permanent and non-permanent residents.

The legal team at Sverdloff Law Group speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Spanish and is committed to fighting your removal and deportation. We are an immigration law firm based in Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to representing clients throughout the entire Chicago area. Although our client base extends across the United States and globally, our Chicago office allows us to provide our local clients with clear and honest information, utilizing the best possible local resources. Contact us to schedule your consultation to begin the fight against your removal today.

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