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Aliza Rizvi

Aliza Rizvi


You guys, do yourself a favor and hire her! I initially did my own application for permanent residency, waited ages to hear back just for it to be denied. I hired Julia and I had a green card in my hand about 4-5 months later. When I was shopping for an immigration lawyer I did a lot of research and Julia just stood out from the rest. She was the most affordable (surprisingly), she called me when I sent an inquiry to talk to me herself, she answered all my questions patiently and also gave me a free consultation, something a lot of lawyers don’t do. She was ALWAYS available to answer my questions via text or email, I never felt like she was out of reach. Even AFTER my case was approved, I contacted her many times with questions and without fail she got back to me, no fee or charges for her advice.

I am so happy to have found her that I came back after almost a year of knowing her to write another review because most recently I lost my green card. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I was told it can take up to 8 months for a replacement. I was so distraught and upset at myself and let Julia know. She was supportive and kind. Due to Covid-19, application timings changed to about 1 week wait time as opposed to 8 months and Julia contacted me RIGHT away to let me know. She got nothing from this exchange, she was no longer my lawyer but she still made sure I knew so I can take advance of this before its too late. I applied for a replacement on May 2nd, on May 7th (today) I found out that they approved it and they are sending me a replacement card.

I am so grateful to have met her, everything was going wrong with my case till she came along. Thank you!! <3 You are a godsend.


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