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Excellent service. Very quick response to my questions/emails. I definitely recommend myself, my family, friends and relatives and everybody for any immigration issues.

Courtney Prater


My husband and I hired Julia Sverdloff to file an immigration petition. Julia was extremely helpful, approachable, REACHABLE!!! And down to earth. She always took the time to explain every detail and clarify every doubt. I reached out to her several times, and she was always quick at replying and willing to answer every question we had. Julia made the process very easy for us. Our petition was approved without any issue, and we would surely recommend her to anyone in need of an immigration attorney.

Tomy Thomas


I and my wife have applied for green cards as parents of a US citizen while visiting the USA on a tourist visa. We both received requests for further evidence from USCIS. We realized that we need a good immigration lawyer at this stage.

We heard about immigration attorney Ms. Julia Sverdloff and we approached her for help. She did research about our issue and submitted our documents with a motivational letter to USCIS. We are very pleased to say that we received our green cards within a month.

Julia was extremely helpful and available at all times over the phone to answer our questions and give necessary directions. She is a very dedicated lawyer who will get things done for you. We strongly recommend her to anyone who needs help with immigration. Thank you, Julia and your team.

My advice from experience “it is better to have an immigration lawyer on your side while applying for your green card”. A DIY application may be a disaster.

Alexander Stankov


Julia responded to all my questions in a reasonable, timely manner. I strongly recommend Julia for her highly ethical and professional attitude. My case was approved fast and without any complications.

Nurkyz Azhybekova


Brandon Pusey


I would highly recommend Julia and her team’s services. Throughout our entire process, they were professional, reliable and reachable. I always felt welcome to ask questions at any time, and they always promptly got back to me. And most important, they helped us get what we needed!



I hired Julia Sverdloff to prepare my N-400 case. Highly recommend her! She answered all my questions and promptly prepared applications with all required documents and also helped with the interview prep. When it came time to do my interview I was feeling very confident. Also, she attended the interview with me and provided great moral support. Very professional and straight to the point. I’ve dealt with 2 other immigration attorneys in the past and she is the best I’ve had! Very knowledgeable and professional!

Сергей Рапопорт


I am pleased to recommend Sverdloff Law Group. Julia is very client-oriented and professional in her work. At all stages of the work, I received honest and comprehensive information. She and her employees did everything in a timely and high-quality manner.

Aliza Rizvi


You guys, do yourself a favor and hire her! I initially did my own application for permanent residency, waited ages to hear back just for it to be denied. I hired Julia and I had a green card in my hand about 4-5 months later. When I was shopping for an immigration lawyer I did a lot of research and Julia just stood out from the rest. She was the most affordable (surprisingly), she called me when I sent an inquiry to talk to me herself, she answered all my questions patiently and also gave me a free consultation, something a lot of lawyers don’t do. She was ALWAYS available to answer my questions via text or email, I never felt like she was out of reach. Even AFTER my case was approved, I contacted her many times with questions and without fail she got back to me, no fee or charges for her advice.

I am so happy to have found her that I came back after almost a year of knowing her to write another review because most recently I lost my green card. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I was told it can take up to 8 months for a replacement. I was so distraught and upset at myself and let Julia know. She was supportive and kind. Due to Covid-19, application timings changed to about 1 week wait time as opposed to 8 months and Julia contacted me RIGHT away to let me know. She got nothing from this exchange, she was no longer my lawyer but she still made sure I knew so I can take advance of this before its too late. I applied for a replacement on May 2nd, on May 7th (today) I found out that they approved it and they are sending me a replacement card.

I am so grateful to have met her, everything was going wrong with my case till she came along. Thank you!! <3 You are a godsend.

Uzair Patel


Get in touch with Julia. Awesome, honest legal help that clearly untangles your whole immigration progress with good intention. Do your own research and you’ll find out she’s the best! 🙂

Alexandra Smirnova


I worked with Julia regarding my case and I’m highly satisfied with the experience! At the very beginning, Julia explained what to expect and how the process would look like. She checked all the documentation to make sure everything is correct. She always responded to my emails super quickly and gave me very clear answers. On the stage of an actual interview, SHE WAS SUPER SUPPORTIVE! I felt great (if you can say it about an interview with the officer :)). She would make sure that the process goes smooth and right and as a result – I’ve got a green card! 🙂 I would highly recommend Julia Sverdloff as a lawyer for immigration reasons! She is always on top of your case!

P.s. Additionally, she is just a great person to work with!

Kelley Serrano


My husband and I were referred to Julia by a family member. We were pleased with our experience and the process we hired the law firm for went smooth. We recommend Julia and her team!! Thank you, Julia and Dan.

Rashed Karsdsheh


Julia is the best immigration lawyer in Chicago. She is so professional, friendly and supportive. I came to her for a change of status for an F1 VISA. She asked me for all the needed papers for the case so we won’t have issues and she told me straight forward that it’s not 100% guaranteed but she will work hard on the case. Even with the COVID delays and lockdowns she kept updating me on the case and at some times I was stressed out and afraid that the case won’t be approved but she kept telling me to keep my hopes up and everything will be okay and finally today I got the approval. Thank God. I cannot thank her enough for what she’s done for me. Thank you so much Julia, you’re the best.



Julia and her team showed me with their dedication and passion for helping others, why I had made the right choice. From always being very responsive to any of my calls, emails, or texts. To going above and beyond helping me print a last-minute document at 7 am. And I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend Sverdloff Law Group to anyone with immigration questions or issues.

Brian Bojan Dordevic


My immigration case was more challenging than most, as I moved a lot. While I went through most of it on my own, on the very last step of N400, I encountered numerous difficulties. That first application got denied. After that experience, I didn’t want to take any chances with my citizenship. To give some more context, My second citizenship application with Julia happened just before the COVID pandemic, and it created delays that caused even more significant uncertainties about my case.

What I’ve learned from Julia is that filing for naturalization is not merely filling a form. She successfully helped me overcome my challenges and get my citizenship application approved. The way she helped me deal with N400 and subsequent requests for evidence notices was very professional and, most importantly, successful.

Demands from USCIS are complex, language is confusing and dealing with filing stress is probably one of the worst anxieties you can have in your life, especially when all of it is happening during the pandemic. Julia was great not only at helping me wrap these documents successfully but also helped me expedite the process with all legal options available in a slow system distressed with the natural disaster.

I honestly don’t believe I would be able to navigate the intricacies of USCIS on my own. It was a blessing that I had a caring attorney that is a straight shooter, demanding and ensuring that you find all documents that immigration officers request or even may request from you, leaving them no option but to approve you.

Thank you, Julia; I appreciate all the experience and hard work in making my dream happen.

Nickie Geros


Attorney Sverdloff is very good, concerned, compassionate, & understands what you require. She is versed in immigration law. She came very highly recommended.

Michelle Davydoff


Sverdloff Law Group understands what it means to focus on clients’ needs and values in all ways. From the welcoming greeting on the phone to the moment your lawyer says to you on the phone ‘I’m here to help you that’s when you know you are in great hands. Julia Sverdloff took great care of my immigration case in the most professional way, she guided me each step of the way and was conveniently available to me. I could not have imagined having trusted a better firm than Sverdloff Law Group.

Idowu Oshokoya


Thank you Sverdloff law Group for your cooperation, support assistance and for ensuring the best outcome on our behalf. We do appreciate your advocacy, thoughtfulness, and excellent work. We shall continue to refer your law firm to other people. Thank you



It was a pleasure working with Julia from start to finish. She is very responsive and was always available for me via phone, text, or email. Julia takes the time to learn about each individual case and reviews all the documents. She knows the ins and outs of every component related to the case. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by the process, but Julia’s support and dedication made the process seemingly smoother. I would recommend Julia to anyone looking for a dedicated attorney who really cares about their clients and their cases. She goes through each document several times to ensure that everything submitted is correct and accurate. None of my questions were left unanswered throughout the process. It was the absolute best decision to retain Julia for my case!

Mike Asaad


Julia is great. Always there! You can contact her directly rather than talk to her assistants which is the case with many lawyers.

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