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What to Expect From the U.S. Citizenship Test

What to Expect From the U.S. Citizenship Test


Becoming a United States citizen is realizing a dream that millions of people around the world share. The naturalization process has two parts, and while it is easy to feel intimidated by them, there are ways to prepare that will give you the best chance of passing. Below, our Chicago immigration lawyer outlines what you should expect.

The English Exam

The English portion of the citizenship test consists of a speaking, reading, and writing test. You do not have to have flawless spelling and grammar skills or excellent pronunciation, but you should be proficient in these areas.

The speaking test involves the immigration officer asking you questions about your eligibility for citizenship and your application. As you answer, the officer will evaluate your grasp of the English language. Although you should review your application before taking this portion of the test, you should not panic if you do not understand everything on it.

You will use a tablet during the reading test and the immigration officer will show you how to use it beforehand. A sentence will appear on the tablet and you will be asked to read it out loud. Generally speaking, you can mispronounce some words or leave out shorter words. However, you cannot replace a word you do not know with one you are familiar with, and you should try to avoid long pauses while reading. The USCIS has provided a comprehensive list of the words used during the reading test.

During the written portion of the English exam, the immigration officer will read a sentence out loud and ask you to write it down. You will write these sentences down on the tablet using a stylus. Many of the words used during the writing portion are the same as the reading portion.

The Civics Portion of the Test

The civics portion of the naturalization test is to determine if you have a sufficient understanding and knowledge of the United States government and the history of the country. Out of the 10 questions asked, you must answer at least six correctly. As long as your answers are correct, you can phrase them however you would like.

Just like with the reading test, the USCIS also provides a list of the questions that may be asked during a naturalization test. The immigration officer conducting your test will select 10 questions at random. You should review the questions and answers prior to your test so you know if you have to conduct research. For example, one question asks for one of your state’s current senators, and you may have to look that up.

Our Immigration Lawyer in Chicago Can Prepare You for the Test

If you want to become a United States citizen, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of the naturalization test. At Sverdloff Law Group, our Chicago immigration lawyer will make sure you are fully prepared so you can take the test with confidence. Call us now at 312-238-9090 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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