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I consulted Ms. Sverdloff on my case regarding my wife. She was very honest, respectful, and knowledgeable about the issue.

I will not hesitate to work with Julia in the future if I get any problems or to recommend her to any of my friends.



I found Julia on this website, at the beginning I was looking for an attorney that can try to fight my immigration matters. My attorney from Virginia screws my money and my case. Julia and her team look at my case and take over with a payment plan as well. Attorneys are expensive but every great work needs to be rewarded.

I thought that my case was totally lost and impossible to work with, she handles it and done a really great job, I can say that my case is really complicated, ICE issue, plus removal condition with USCIS I mean a total disaster. But Julia Scott and Andrew make amazing work and she handles it professionally. Also, Andrew speaks French so easier for me.

So thank you I highly recommend Julia and her team!



I had a very nice experience with Julia and her team. Always available for you If you have any questions, she will always call back. My case got approved, can’t be happier about that. The process wasn’t easy, but thanks to Julia we got all the paperwork we needed to prove the case. We were well informed and ready for the interview.



Thank you for helping me through this difficult trial, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so grateful for your wonderful service.



I am so lucky to have found Julia! I was struggling with my immigration even though I am a Canadian and everyone assumed it would be easy. My application for permanent residency got denied, I was so so upset. I was ready to give up. I had been to married my American husband for 2 years, and I couldn’t work or travel, I was at a low point. Julia called me right away, asked questions and gave me suggestions. She didn’t charge anything for my first in-person consultation and genuinely cared that I was upset. Her prices were the best out of all the lawyers I contacted. I got my interview 3.5 months after she sent in my application!! I couldn’t believe it!! 1 day after my interview, I got my permanent residency approved. I had the card in the mail 5 days later. I cannot thank her enough!! I am forever grateful. Do yourself a favour, and hire her!!

Anonymous Client


Julia is now my friend more than an attorney. I was very skeptical at the start about retaining an attorney but when I talked to her she assured me and handled my case very carefully. She was very responsive and listened to all my concerns. With her help, my case was approved. I am very glad I retained her and highly recommend her.

Anonymous Client


I can say I am just blessed to have found and hire Ms. Sverdloff as my lawyer: very straightforward, professional, full of knowledge, and very responsive. During our slightly over an hour in-person meeting, I learned more than past several years. I would recommend Ms. Julia to anyone who needs an Immigration lawyer. Once she takes over your case, trust me, you are in a good hand. She would work hard, answer any of your concerns as fast as she can, and walk you through every single steps in detail. Highly recommend!



Excellent service. Very quick response to my questions/emails. I definitely recommend myself, my family, friends and relatives and everybody for any immigration issues.

Courtney Prater


My husband and I hired Julia Sverdloff to file an immigration petition. Julia was extremely helpful, approachable, REACHABLE!!! And down to earth. She always took the time to explain every detail and clarify every doubt. I reached out to her several times, and she was always quick at replying and willing to answer every question we had. Julia made the process very easy for us. Our petition was approved without any issue, and we would surely recommend her to anyone in need of an immigration attorney.

Tomy Thomas


I and my wife have applied for green cards as parents of a US citizen while visiting the USA on a tourist visa. We both received requests for further evidence from USCIS. We realized that we need a good immigration lawyer at this stage.

We heard about immigration attorney Ms. Julia Sverdloff and we approached her for help. She did research about our issue and submitted our documents with a motivational letter to USCIS. We are very pleased to say that we received our green cards within a month.

Julia was extremely helpful and available at all times over the phone to answer our questions and give necessary directions. She is a very dedicated lawyer who will get things done for you. We strongly recommend her to anyone who needs help with immigration. Thank you, Julia and your team.

My advice from experience “it is better to have an immigration lawyer on your side while applying for your green card”. A DIY application may be a disaster.

Alexander Stankov


Julia responded to all my questions in a reasonable, timely manner. I strongly recommend Julia for her highly ethical and professional attitude. My case was approved fast and without any complications.

Nurkyz Azhybekova


Brandon Pusey


I would highly recommend Julia and her team’s services. Throughout our entire process, they were professional, reliable and reachable. I always felt welcome to ask questions at any time, and they always promptly got back to me. And most important, they helped us get what we needed!



I hired Julia Sverdloff to prepare my N-400 case. Highly recommend her! She answered all my questions and promptly prepared applications with all required documents and also helped with the interview prep. When it came time to do my interview I was feeling very confident. Also, she attended the interview with me and provided great moral support. Very professional and straight to the point. I’ve dealt with 2 other immigration attorneys in the past and she is the best I’ve had! Very knowledgeable and professional!

Сергей Рапопорт


I am pleased to recommend Sverdloff Law Group. Julia is very client-oriented and professional in her work. At all stages of the work, I received honest and comprehensive information. She and her employees did everything in a timely and high-quality manner.

Aliza Rizvi


You guys, do yourself a favor and hire her! I initially did my own application for permanent residency, waited ages to hear back just for it to be denied. I hired Julia and I had a green card in my hand about 4-5 months later. When I was shopping for an immigration lawyer I did a lot of research and Julia just stood out from the rest. She was the most affordable (surprisingly), she called me when I sent an inquiry to talk to me herself, she answered all my questions patiently and also gave me a free consultation, something a lot of lawyers don’t do. She was ALWAYS available to answer my questions via text or email, I never felt like she was out of reach. Even AFTER my case was approved, I contacted her many times with questions and without fail she got back to me, no fee or charges for her advice.

I am so happy to have found her that I came back after almost a year of knowing her to write another review because most recently I lost my green card. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I was told it can take up to 8 months for a replacement. I was so distraught and upset at myself and let Julia know. She was supportive and kind. Due to Covid-19, application timings changed to about 1 week wait time as opposed to 8 months and Julia contacted me RIGHT away to let me know. She got nothing from this exchange, she was no longer my lawyer but she still made sure I knew so I can take advance of this before its too late. I applied for a replacement on May 2nd, on May 7th (today) I found out that they approved it and they are sending me a replacement card.

I am so grateful to have met her, everything was going wrong with my case till she came along. Thank you!! <3 You are a godsend.

Uzair Patel


Get in touch with Julia. Awesome, honest legal help that clearly untangles your whole immigration progress with good intention. Do your own research and you’ll find out she’s the best! 🙂

Son Nguyen


Alexandra Smirnova


I worked with Julia regarding my case and I’m highly satisfied with the experience! At the very beginning, Julia explained what to expect and how the process would look like. She checked all the documentation to make sure everything is correct. She always responded to my emails super quickly and gave me very clear answers. On the stage of an actual interview, SHE WAS SUPER SUPPORTIVE! I felt great (if you can say it about an interview with the officer :)). She would make sure that the process goes smooth and right and as a result – I’ve got a green card! 🙂 I would highly recommend Julia Sverdloff as a lawyer for immigration reasons! She is always on top of your case!

P.s. Additionally, she is just a great person to work with!

Kelley Serrano


My husband and I were referred to Julia by a family member. We were pleased with our experience and the process we hired the law firm for went smooth. We recommend Julia and her team!! Thank you, Julia and Dan.

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