Jas Gill


Before engaging  Julia’s service, I had done my research and consulted two other immigration attorneys. Her complete counseling, honesty and clear understanding of the process made me engage her. It took me six months after our initial free consultation before I engaged her and she kept the fees per the initial communication – this was definitely a great impression that she keeps at her word!
My experience with Julia since then has been great and beyond satisfactory. Here is the summary of my experience with her.

1. Highly experienced – She knows her stuff. For anyone engaging her – make sure you listen to what she has to share and asks for during the process. Although some documents are not listed on the letters for interview from Immigrations, she asked me to them bring along and it proved to be helpful!

2. Followed through – It took less than a month to complete my application – which was my responsibility, but once I submitted it, she completed the submission in less than a week. Her team emails with any follow up questions/responses from USCIS before I pick up my mail! Sends emails with any updates.

3. The prep meeting was awesome – She had tips on what questions are popular, but we as the applicant MUST go through and study ALL questions.

4. She came along the interview – Boosted my confidence and calmed me down. She advocated for me since I had to bring my kids along. I was on time but she was EARLY.

5. She made me feel at ease and she came prepared – she brought along any documents that she had researched based on the application.

Julia – thank you. This process is stressful, but it helped to have an experienced, knowledgeable and patient attorney through the process.

Anna Shevalova


I am very happy about the consultation provided by Julia Sverdloff. The answers were precise and clear. Julia is a high-level professional, she knows everything about immigration and Visa process.

Sylvia Lartey


In my last 20 years, I always wondered when I will get my permanent resident card. I was lost and even had lawyers say my case was hopeless. Julia gave me hope and made me feel safe regarding the whole process. I received my employment authorization within a number of months without going for any interview. Same for my permanent resident card. Julia and her team constantly gave me updates. God has made this possible. Thank you Julia; God bless you and your team. Take Julia as your lawyer and trust her with the process. She’s the best!

Nodirjon Zakirjonov


I have many things to say about my experience with her office. We are still on the journey to a Green Card, she was awesome and very professional. My case is one of the toughest ones because I was ready to give up and she told me to be strong and follow her instructions. In all aspects of my case there were many obstacles and we spent almost a year just to get all the documents filed my case. We hope we did everything right and get approved for our case soon (I will update as soon as I can). But she and her team answered every question with professionalism and their contribution in my case is huge. so Thank you and I strongly recommend.

Yulia Antonova


Julia was my immigration lawyer throughout the entire process of legalization until the moment I got my Green Card. I am very grateful for all the professional assistance she provided. I could always turn to her with any question and, what’s more important, receive a quick and full answer. She is an attentive lawyer, who sincerely cares about you and your case, and helps you to believe in yourself as well. Definitely gonna recommend Julia and her team to my immigrant friends!

Brendan Shanley


I have recently completed the naturalization process and Julia and the team were with me and guided me all the way. This is an excellent firm who have supported me for nearly 5 years. I highly recommend Sverdloff Law Group. Thank you all!!

Biljana Lazic


Julia is an amazing immigration lawyer. I had to share my experience about her services. I applied for a green card through marriage with my husband. Julia built such a strong case that USCIS didn’t schedule an interview, but approved me right away for a 10 year green card. That does not happen very often in Chicago. To be honest, I have never heard that someone didn’t attend the interview at least once. For sure not in Chicago.

The timeline for the case:
Aug 18, 2022 Case was received
Aug 31, 2022 Request for initial evidence was sent
Sep 19, 2022 Response to USCIS request for evidence was received
Jan 28, 2023 Case was approved.


Thank you Julia! You are the best!

Sergiu Fratescu


Great team, very professional approach to the case and story. Honest and fast reacting team.
Definitely recommend.

Iris Vargas


Had a great experience.

Accounting Shop


I was lucky to have Julia and Scott next to me, So proud to find them. From A to Z their service was awesome!

Minedarlyne Elian


I had contacted so many lawyers for my K1 fiancé case, they couldn’t deliver like Mrs. Julia Sverdloff did. She’s an excellent lawyer and took our case. My husband was approved for the K1, in less than a year. He is here in U.S. and we are married. Now we are waiting for the interview for our green card. I am not just saying that just to give a review. She is the best lawyer, so loving, patient, caring and very knowledgeable. For instance, even on weekends she would create time to answer any questions I may have. That’s why I referred my friend to her for her case. You will not be disappointed with her service and her staff too, very respectful. If I could give 10 stars, I would. And I did not get or receive any discount for posting that. I am speaking from my heart. They will help you from start to finish. Thank you, Mrs. Julia . Please don’t change.



Julia helped me with a personal matter and provided great legal advice that truly helped me out. She was timely, respectful and very clear on what I needed to do.

Oleg G.


I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Julia Sverdloff and her law firm with getting a green card for my mom. The service exceeded my expectations. At any time I needed them they were always available to help quickly and at a high level of professionalism. Highly recommend this lawyer for any immigration case, she get the job done with no stress on your part

Anonymous Client


Julia helped me with a Change of Status during the pandemic and throughout the whole experience has been compassionate and responsive. She has helped me through every question I have had and helped me get my Change of Status when so many other lawyers did not want to touch the case.

Dee Mila


Amazing team! Everything was done so professional and quick. I could relax and fully rely on this team to do everything for me. Thanks Julia and team!

Haitam Zoubir


Had a great experience working with Julia, recommend it.



The best service ever! They are very professional on one side, and on the other side, they are kind and full of understanding. If I had a question, they responded in a few minutes. I worked with Miss Sverdloff and Miss Avila, and they are very easy to communicate with; they will explain everything. If you want to relax and feel safe, just hire this law office, you are in good hands.

M. Saints


Julia helped me with a Change of Status during the pandemic and throughout the whole experience has been compassionate and responsive. She has helped me through every question I have had and helped me get my Change of Status when so many other lawyers did not want to touch the case.



I met some issue in my immigration process, Julia Sverdloff helped me to find the quick and excellent solution. She helped me to process my visa without any delay. Thank you.

N. D.


Sverdloff Law Group helped me to apply my green card in EB2 status. I just delivered it in my mail box. It took 1.5 years during the pandemic season. Julia and Addilene were very helpful, knowledgeable, and they were very responsive and answered my questions directly. I fully am satisfied and I definitely recommend.

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