Armin C.


From the first contact with Sverdloff Law Group and Julia and her team I was delighted with such professionalism and care that they have provided to me in process to obtain the Green card and obtaining the necessary documentation, providing guidance if you are in need to obtain Green card and all the necessary documents for Immigration i highly recommend.Thank you Sverdloff Law group for helping me in Immigration process you made it smooth.

Allison P.


Julia and her team were so helpful throughout the entire process of our case. They were super efficient and always very responsive if we had questions or needed updates. They made our case so easy and we got our case approved without having to go on an interview. They are the best and thank you again.

Igor S.


We liked the fact that she told the price right away on the phone. Others wanted to say this only in a paid consultation. Julia met us immediately. It was a pleasure to work with her during about 4 years. She prepared us perfectly for the interview. She also did other documents for us. She’s the best lawyer we’ve ever known. And most importantly, she is a very pleasant person to talk to.



The Julia Sverdloff law group is highly professional, trustworthy and exceptional for legal representation that any client may wish to have. I was denied of US Citizenship before, but meeting her as my attorney brought a positive result to become a US citizen today. I highly recommend that anyone looking for legal and trustworthy representation should contact the Jullia Sverdloff law group in Chicago.

Hussaina O.


I want to start by saying a very big thank you to Julia and her team for their thorough work in getting my adjustment of status filed and approved. I will highly recommend her to every single person who needs an immigration lawyer. Her professionalism and guidance was so impressive. They were easy to reach at every given time and would answer every questions I had in a timely manner. My interview was waived and i got approved just two months after my application was filed. Working with Julia made it a seamless process. I want to also thank Addilene for her excellent support and attention to details. My own special rating will be a 10/5.

Jorge A.


I have since had a consultation call with Julia and she explained the basics and costs, will certainly be giving it some consideration. Thank you

Mira K.


I’m very satisfied with the work of Sverdloff law Group. I received a consultation at the office, everything was done extremely fast and professionally. I had more consultations with the office before, and the results were always perfect. I would definitely recommend this immigration law firm to everyone.

Bin N.

First of all, let me thank my attorney, Julia. and thank my partner. He helped us very enthusiastically and thoughtfully. And if you haven’t found anyone you trust, go to them and put your trust in them. I’m sure you will be satisfied and achieve what you want. Thank you very much.

Umara Khan


I had a great experience with my attorney she made me feel confident and also she was supportive in guiding me right understanding my situation. She helped me and showed proper directions and information about my status in 🇺🇸. Thanks a ton .

Earl Vincent Aquino


Julia and her team recently worked on my adjustment of status case. I can’t say enough how efficient and knowledgeable her and her team were! Before choosing Julia my husband and I did a lot of research into the process and were very overwhelmed for what sounded like a very lengthy process. We had our initial consultation with Julia, she explained the entire process and answered our initial questions. We chose Julia because of the great reviews she had and also because she seemed to know the entire process inside and out. As soon as we made the decision to go with Julia, we hit the ground running with her team. The entire process, from initial consultation to green card, took just over a year. Her entire team was as knowledgeable and friendly as Julia was and were very prompt in answering any questions we had. I definitely recommend Julia for anyone who has immigration/visa-related issues.

B. A.


Exceptional Legal Services by Sverdloff Law Group:
I had an outstanding experience working with the Julia Sverdloff Law Group. Julia’s expertise, professionalism, and compassionate approach exceeded my expectations. The entire team provided excellent communication and support, resulting in a favorable outcome for my case. I highly recommend their services for any legal needs.

S. V.


This is one of the greatest Law Groups, that I saw. High-quality and professional employees helped me in 2 different cases. I recommend this company, you will always be 100% satisfied.

Lilly B.


I had the privilege of working closely with Julia and her exceptional team at Sverdloff Law Group, and I want to express my sincere appreciation for the invaluable assistance they provided throughout the legal process. Their dedication and expertise were truly remarkable, ensuring that every step of the way was handled with utmost professionalism and care. Julia and her team’s commitment to the case and unwavering support were outstanding. Their knowledge and guidance made navigating the legal process a seamless experience. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable and exceptional help.



Julia represented my husband and me in my green card process and our experience was outstanding! Julia and Addilene paid attention to every important detail and throughout the whole process they provided us exception support and guidance. Julia and her team were always very responsive to many of our questions. They made sure that no stone was left unturned, to provide as much documentation as possible to support our case. As a result my green card was approved in less than 3 months and without an interview!! We feel very comfortable saying that without Julia’s exceptional legal expertise, this would not have been the case. We are so grateful for her expertise and dedication and would highly recommend her as an immigration attorney to anyone searching for legal representation.



I recently had the privilege of working with Attorney Julia Sverdloff on a complex legal matter, and I can confidently say that she and her team are exceptional attorneys. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication surpassed all my expectations, making the entire legal process smooth and successful. I would highly recommend Attorney Julia Sverdloff to anyone in need of legal representation. Their extensive knowledge, exceptional communication skills, and professionalism set them apart. Their commitment to my legal case was apparent, as they consistently went above and beyond to ensure that no stone was left unturned in pursuing the best possible resolution. In conclusion, working with Attorney Julia Sverdloff was an outstanding experience. Again, I would highly recommend Attorney Julia Sverdloff to anyone in need of legal representation.



Excellent service. I found Julia on Avvo and I gave her a call after reading all the reviews about how great she has been in many cases. She pays attention to every detail and treats you with all the respect you deserve. In my case, trust and patience were important and following Julia’s advice led to a highly satisfactory result. I am grateful for her work and assistance. She is truly the best and I recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy immigration attorney.

Rumyana Jovicic


The best lawyer and team! Our process for a green card was so smooth and quick! Julia and Addilene are the best – they responded to the thousand+ questions I had, they did their job in a day and it was perfect. Responses were sent to us right away. My word for them is: OUTSTANDING! If you are looking for the best team to help you throughout the most important process, don’t doubt and choose Sverdloff Law Group, P.C. That’s how I found them and I never looked back! So easy to get in touch with the office and Addilene, and Julia who were working with us! Thousand thank you’s wouldn’t be enough!!!

Filip Jovicic


The best team ever!

Anna Havrysh


First of all, a huge thank you to Julia and her team. They are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Any question I had was answered immediately in a timely manner. Because of Julia’s professionalism and hard work in putting together my AOS file – my interview was waived and I didn’t have to attend it at all. Honestly, it was way easier than I expected and I’m pretty sure it’s because I chose Julia as my lawyer. I really appreciate all of her work and effort in making it happen for me. Without a doubt, I would recommend her as an immigration lawyer to anyone who’s trying to make their American dream come true!



My brother was in detention for more than 8 months. Initially, he wanted to give up and accept removal, but Julia Sverdloff created a solid defense that gave him hope to keep fighting. Her approach was so professional, and she defended every charge with a strong brief. She said in the beginning that my brother is not removable. In the end, we won. My brother’s case was dismissed as Julia initially said, and he is with his family because of a strong fight from Julia Sverdloff. We are grateful for her efforts, and may God give her more success in the future.

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