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Immigration Attorney Near Me 

Immigration Attorney Near Me 

Immigration Attorney Near Me

If you are an immigrant in the United States or are seeking legal permanent residence, a green card, or a visa, it can be a long and complicated journey. An Illinois immigration attorney can help to guide you through the immigration and naturalization process as painlessly, efficiently, and quickly, as possible. Having an informed advocate on your side can make all the difference when it comes to getting your immigration visa petition approved. While you can attempt to file for a visa on your own, even simple errors can result in long and costly delays that otherwise would have been avoidable. If your priority is to resolve an immigration matter or receive a visa, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced Chicago immigration attorney at the beginning of the process so you have a clear idea of your options and what is required for them. This also allows your attorney to begin working for your benefit as soon as possible. If your application has been pending for an unreasonable amount of time, your attorney can sue on your behalf to make sure that it is promptly reviewed and that a fair decision is made. 

Matters an Immigration Lawyer Can Help With

There are countless issues and legal matters that can arise when you are attempting to get a green card and an immigration attorney can help you with any of them. Below are just a few of the most common matters we help clients with, however, this list is not exhaustive. Whatever you need help with, our lawyers are ready to assist you with. 

  • Green card applications and renewals 
  • Spousal and marriage visas 
  • Fiance visas 
  • Employment-based visas 
  • Family immigration 
  • Self-sponsored VAWA visas 
  • Loss of visa sponsor 
  • Adjustment in status 
  • Defense against deportation 
  • Permanent Residency 
  • Visas for professionals and foreign investors 
  • Immigration Appeals 
  • U and T visas for victims of crime and human trafficking 

Common Immigration Law Issues

As noted above, immigration attorneys help with a wide array of issues, but one of the most common is helping people with the green card application process and with applying for employment-based visas or visas for foreign investors. When these visa petitions are denied, a legal advocate becomes especially important as an appeal must be filed in a timely manner, and it is even more important that everything submitted be accurate and complete. When a sponsor drops out, it is also an important time to strategize with an immigration attorney.

Do I Need an Immigration Attorney?

If you are facing complications in your visa application process, your application for an immigration visa has been denied, or you are having trouble understanding and navigating the naturalization process, an immigration attorney can help. It is also important to contact an immigration attorney if your green card is pending and you are charged with any criminal matters as that could jeopardize your ability to remain in the country. 

Contact the Illinois Immigration Attorneys at Sverdloff Law Group

The experienced immigration attorneys at Chicago, Illinois’ Sverdloff Law Group are ready to fight for your right to be in this country and support you in getting the best possible outcome in your case. Contact the Sverdloff Law Group today to schedule a consultation and get advice on your immigration-related matter. 

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