Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorneys

Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorneys

Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorneys

Immigration law is complicated, daunting, and can cause people to feel overwhelmed. With the help of an experienced immigration law firm, the immigration process can be more straightforward. Whether it’s short-term travel, family immigration, removal defense or student visas, an immigration attorney can help to make the case process easier for you and guide you towards your desired results. Consider hiring Buffalo Grove immigration attorneys today to kickstart your immigration process. 

Why Hire Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorneys

Immigration processes tend to be complex. There are many requirements which may seem like roadblocks on the way toward obtaining a self or family-based visa. Buffalo Grove immigration attorneys will have experience with the many immigration services and process for visa and residency applications so you can enter the United States legally. The best attorneys will work your case with grit and determination by using their knowledge of the immigration system. It could benefit you to hire an immigration attorney if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the process, unsure of the required steps, or just want a little more support. 

Types of Resident Visas

There are three main categories of residency available in the United States: permanent residency or green cards, temporary non-immigrant visas, and the visa waiver program intended for travel by foreign nationals. 

The highly sought-after green card grants immigrants a permanent residency and the right to work in the United States. This status allows immigrants to be treated just like native United States citizens. Green card holders will have all the same rights as citizens; however, voting is not permitted. With a green card, you will not have to worry about an expiring visa or impending expiration date. 

Next, temporary non-immigrant status is given to those who obtain a visa to work in the United States under specific terms including a pre-determined duration and employment type. This can include athletes competing in games or tournaments, caregivers, or other similar areas of employment. Unlike green cards, these do not permit permanent residency.

The third category of residency falls under the visa waiver program which allows some foreign nationals from specific nations to enter the United States for business or tourism for no more than 90 days with no visa required. 

Work With a Buffalo Grove Immigration Lawyer Today

Regardless of your specific immigration goals and circumstances, working with an attorney from an immigration law firm is in your best interest. They will listen to your needs and goals and prepare to take your case without judgment. Sverdloff Law Group consists of knowledgeable and consistent attorneys who will support you throughout your immigration process. To consult with Buffalo Grove immigration attorneys, contact us today.

The United States immigration system is complex and scary. We're here to guide you through it.

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