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Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorney

Immigration law can be extremely complex and difficult to navigate. Whether you are interested in traveling to the United States for a short period of time, for a work-related matter, or permanent residence, there are many nuances to immigration requirements. When you want to make sure that you follow all of the appropriate steps to legally enter the United States, the immigration services offered to you by hiring a Buffalo Grove immigration attorney may be useful. 

The Role of an Immigration Attorney

An immigration attorney in Buffalo Grove can help clients with a variety of legal matters related to living, whether temporarily or permanently, in the U.S. They are trained to navigate and guide prospective immigrants in filling out the required applications for residency. The most common application that prospective U.S. residents must file is through the USCIS, or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This department is generally responsible for establishing policies and processing requests for immigration. These applications can be confusing, especially for non-native individuals. A Buffalo Grove immigration attorney can guide immigrants in filing for residency through the USCIS. 

Types of Residency Applications

A prospective resident can take multiple paths toward applying for residency. The three categories of residency that someone can apply for include permanent residency, as a temporary non-immigrant, or through the visa waiver program. First, a permanent residency, otherwise known as a green card, grants an immigrant the right to both live and work in the U.S. As a temporary non-immigrant, a person holds a visa which permits employment under specific classifications of work. Lastly, in the visa waiver program, citizens of certain countries are permitted to travel to the United States for the purposes of either tourism or business for the duration of up to 90 days without a visa required. 

Not everybody will qualify for each category of residency, so it’s important to consult with a Buffalo Grove attorney to determine eligibility before applying. It’s important to recognize that even if you do meet the eligibility requirements for your desired immigration type, the United States can still deny your application. If this occurs, it could be helpful to speak with an immigration attorney in Buffalo Grove to discuss further steps. 

When to Hire a Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorney

There are plenty of reasons that someone might benefit from speaking with a Buffalo Grove immigration attorney. Traditionally, immigration attorneys are only thought to handle green cards and visas, but they operate broadly under the scope of immigration. Other cases an immigration attorney in Illinois might take on include those regarding political asylum, corporate compliance, the Violence Against Women Act, deportation defense, and more. 

Contact Your Local Buffalo Grove Immigration Attorney

If you find yourself in a situation where hiring an immigration attorney in Buffalo Grove would be useful, it’s best to look for a law group with years of experience in complex cases. Sverdloff Law Group in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, is built upon teamwork and professionalism that will guide you toward the legal outcome you desire. To request a consultation, contact us today.

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