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Best Deportation Attorney in Chicago

Best Deportation Attorney in Chicago

Best Deportation Attorney in Chicago

Facing the possibility of deportation can be extremely frightening, especially in a situation where you cannot return to your home country. Fighting deportation requires an effective defense based on good evidence and a trusted legal strategy. At Sverdloff Law Group, we only focus on immigration law. This allows us to focus our resources, time, and effort on those immigrant clients who are facing deportation.

Attorney Julia Sverdloff has successfully defended some of the toughest deportation cases and is committed to your fight to stay in the country. She has represented clients in Chicago, southern Wisconsin, and many other states, and possesses extensive knowledge of immigration law. If you are facing deportation, call our Chicago immigration attorney at Sverdloff Law Group.

What Happens When Someone Faces Deportation?

Deportation is the legal process in which individuals that are not citizens of the United States are removed from the country. If you are facing deportation, you will first be served with a Notice to Appear before an Immigration Judge who will determine if your actions or status make you removable from the United States. The Notice will inform you of the nature of the removal proceedings, your right to hire an attorney to defend you, the grounds for your deportation, and what will happen if you fail to appear.

Your first hearing is very important, and you should hire an attorney prior to this hearing. However, if you do not hire an attorney or are unaware of any defenses you might have, you still must go or face automatic removal from the country and the inability to return for several years.

The next hearing, known as a Merits Hearing, is where you and your attorney will present your case. You can testify on your own behalf, and your attorney will ask you questions. The Department of Homeland Security will also examine you, and you will be permitted to present evidence that undermines your case, including exhibits and witnesses.

Why Will Someone Be Deported?

Immigrants that are in the country legally and illegally can both be subject to removal proceedings and face the possibility of being deported. There are several reasons that a non-citizen may receive a Notice to Appear at a removal proceeding in front of an immigration judge, including:

  • Unauthorized entry into the United States
  • A broad range of criminal convictions
  • Violation of terms under which the non-citizen is admitted into the country based on his status
  • Membership in a prohibited organization
  • Becoming a public charge within five years of entering the country
  • Denial or referral to an Immigration Judge of an application for asylum

You Want the Best Deportation Attorney in Chicago on Your Side

If you are facing removal proceedings and the possibility of deportation, don’t wait to call a Chicago immigration attorney. Sverdloff Law Group will come up with the best defense strategy and fight for you to stay in the country. We have helped clients in Chicago and southern Wisconsin who are facing deportation. If you have been served with a Notice to Appear, don’t wait to call Sverdloff Law Group. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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