Best Chicago K-1 Visa Lawyer 

Best Chicago K-1 Visa Lawyer 

Best Chicago K-1 Visa Lawyer

If you are a United States citizen seeking to marry a foreign national, then a K-1 visa may be right for you. The immigration process can be complex and highly competitive, and your application can easily be pushed to the wayside or denied for minor errors unless you have a powerful legal advocate on your side. The Sverdloff Law Group, located in Chicago, IL, has helped thousands of couples begin their love story here in the United States with the help of a K-1 visa. Now, we can help you do the same. 

Do I Need a K-1 Visa?

If you are currently engaged and are prepared to be married to a foreign national, and want to begin your life together here in the United States, then the K-1 visa can be a great option for you. In order to use the K-1 visa, you have 90 days to legally marry your fiance in the United States from the time that it is issued. This is why the K-1 visa is also known as the fiance visa. If you are prepared to make a commitment and start building a life, and you have well-documented evidence of your relationship, as well as both you are your fiance meeting the visa requirements, you should not have a problem being approved, and you will likely find that the K-1 visa is a more cost and time-effective option than the other visa options available. Most couples who are approved can complete the entire K-1 Visa process in a matter of five to seven months with the help of an immigration attorney in Chicago. 

Do I Qualify for a K-1 Visa?

The experienced immigration attorneys at the Sverdloff Law Group will happily review your specific facts and circumstances to evaluate your eligibility for the K-1 visa as well as other possible visa options. In general, in order to qualify for the K-1 visa you must be a United States citizen. U.S. green card holders or permanent residents are not eligible to bring over a foreign fiance with the K-1 visa, but you can talk to our lawyers about other available options. In addition to your citizenship status, you must earn 125% of the federal poverty guidelines to show that you are capable of financially supporting your fiance. You and your fiance must also both currently be unmarried and able to provide any necessary proof of your ability to legally marry. If you have questions about specific issues or eligibility, feel free to reach out to our law firm and schedule a consultation to receive personalized feedback and so that you can be sure that the information we are provided is perfectly catered to you. 

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Having an experienced immigration attorney on your side can make or break your ability to get a visa and start the life that you are dreaming of building. If you want Chicago’s best immigration lawyers on your side, call the Sverdloff Law Group today and schedule a consultation

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