Chicago Immigration Attorney


Best Chicago Immigration Lawyer 

Best Chicago Immigration Lawyer 

Best Chicago Immigration Lawyer

Immigration to the United States can be a life-changing process, but it can also be an expensive, time consuming, and complicated one. If you have hit a roadblock on your path to receiving a green card or citizenship, the experienced immigration attorneys at Chicago’s Sverdloff Law Firm can help. Regardless of where you are in the immigration process, a lawyer can help you. From appealing an immigration visa denial to helping you self-petition or create a plan for family immigration, an attorney can make a world of difference in helping you to navigate the immigration and naturalization process and to secure a positive outcome. 

Immigration Matters an Attorney Can Help With

Everything is more complicated when immigration is involved. For instance, losing your job or going through a break-up or divorce may be par for the course for many, but when your visa is sponsored by your employer, fiance, or spouse, the consequences can be far more complex and likely require consultation with an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible. Being charged with a crime can also impact your ability to receive a visa or retain your visa, so it is important to consult with an attorney in that case as well. 

  • Fiance, spousal, and marriage visas 
  • Employment-based visas 
  • Visas for entrepreneurs and foreign investors 
  • Family immigration for U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents 
  • Self-petitions under VAWA
  • Visas for professionals and highly specialized foreign nationals 
  • Helping businesses obtain visas for foreign employees (PERM)
  • Obtaining permanent residence/green cards 
  • Defense against deportation 
  • Deportation matters; waivers of inadmissibility 
  • Criminal matters for immigrants and individuals with pending immigration applications
  • Expediting the visa application review process by suing USCIS

How a Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of your immigration-related matter, timing and accuracy are of the essence. Simple errors and omissions in visa applications can result in lengthy and costly delays, and even misdemeanor offenses could affect the process. A lawyer can help you deal with whatever comes up throughout the immigration process. If your visa petition is denied, an attorney can help you prepare and file a thorough and accurate appeal. If the USCIS is taking an unreasonable amount of time to make a decision on your visa, an attorney can sue them to ensure that your application is promptly and fairly reviewed. If you hope to bring other family members to the United States, an immigration attorney can also help you develop a short or long-term plan to unite your family here by determining what visas are necessary for each family member and how to petition for their approval. 

Talk to the Immigration Attorneys at the Sverdloff Law Firm

If you are looking for the best immigration lawyer in Chicago, look no further than the experienced team of immigration attorneys at the Sverdloff Law Firm, located in Chicago, Illinois. Regardless of your immigration issue, our attorneys want to hear from you and determine how we can work to secure a positive outcome for you and your immigration journey. Contact the Sverdloff Law Firm today to schedule an immigration law consultation. 

The United States immigration system is complex and scary. We're here to guide you through it.

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