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What to Expect at a Family-Based Adjustment of Status Interview

Once you have submitted your application for a family-based adjustment of status, the USCIS will begin processing the information. You will need to have submitted your petition along with the documentation that they requested. This petition is often called an application packet. The USCIS will review the application, and once they have all the data they need, they will schedule an in-person interview. An interview is a necessary part of the petition process. It may be helpful to prepare for the interview with help from one of the best Chicago immigration attorneys. 

Appointment Notice

You will receive an appointment notice that provides you with the date, time, and location of your USCIS interview. Processing can take some time, so it is important that you provide any address or phone number updates if your contact information changes. The interview will likely be scheduled for an immigration office that is located as close to your home as possible. Remember that there is often a long backlog of applications, and it can take months to receive notice of your interview appointment. 

Who Do I Need to Bring to the Interview?

Review the appointment notice that you received. The notice should indicate who you must bring with you to the appointment. If the application is for a spouse, the spouse would need to attend the interview also. In other cases, the petitioner may be required to attend. You may want to bring along an interpreter if you are not fluent in English. An interpreter must be an adult who is a U.S. citizen or legal resident and has to be fluent in your language and English. You may also wish to bring along an Illinois family immigration attorney. Note that the attorney cannot answer questions for you. 

How to Prepare for the Adjustment of Status Interview

Bring a photo ID with you and a copy of your appointment notice Also, bring your work permit, social security card, passport, and proof of your immigration status. Plan to arrive early, as you will need to go through a security checkpoint. You will then check in at a reception desk and wait for them to call your name. At the beginning of your interview, you must take an oath to tell the truth. Provide any updates to your application along with proof of the changes. For example, if you changed employment, you will need to provide the information along with proof of employment with a letter from your employer or pay stubs. 

The officer will review your application and your medical and fingerprint reports. Then, the officer will ask you questions to verify your eligibility. For those who are applying for a green card based on marriage, you must answer some additional questions. The purpose of the questions is to make sure that your marriage is real and is not simply a fraud to obtain a green card. Bring copies of your marriage certificate, lease, utility bills, and other documentation that proves you live together as a couple. 

You will also want to prepare by bringing photos of your wedding and other important days or celebrations that show you together as a real couple. You and your spouse may be questioned separately to ensure that your answers match. If the officer believes that the marriage might be a sham, you will be required to meet with a fraud department for further investigation. Therefore, it is in your best interest to prepare as much as possible for the questions that the officer might ask about your marriage. 

It can be helpful to meet with some of the best Chicago immigration attorneys to prepare for your interview. Your attorney will help you understand the documents and information that you should bring along and will discuss possible questions that you should prepare for. To learn more about the family-based adjustment status interview, contact us today at Sverdloff Law Group at (312) 238-9090. 

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