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Best Chicago Family Immigration Lawyer 

Best Chicago Family Immigration Lawyer 

Best Chicago Family Immigration Lawyer

The ability for a family to remain intact is critical. Unfortunately, often immigration can have the opposite effect, at least temporarily. At the Sverdloff Law Group, we understand the importance of using immigration law to keep families together, rather than tear them apart. Regardless of your circumstances, our experienced immigration lawyers will determine the best strategy to bring your family together here in the United States. The best strategy for you will depend on a number of factors, including your immigration classification (lawful permanent resident versus naturalized U.S. citizen). Another important factor is how closely related you are to the family members that you want to bring to the states. We will look at that in more detail below. 

Immediately Family Members

If you are a U.S. citizen, there are a number of options available that will allow you to bring immediate family members over. Immediate family members include your spouse, parents (assuming that you are over the age of 21), and your children (if they are unmarried and below the age of 21). Immediate family members are privy to many benefits when it comes to immigration, and unlike other categories of family members, there is no annual limit on the number of immediate family members that can be brought into the United States by U.S. citizens. This means that your odds of success are really good, especially with the help of an experienced immigration attorney.

Non-Immediate Family Members

Any family member who does not meet the criteria to be an immediate family member falls into the family preference category. This category, unlike the one for immediate family members, has an annual quota, so the number of non-immediate family members can be severely limited, and the limits can vary based on year and country. In some cases, it may be 20 years or more before a family preference category member may be allowed to come to the United States, so it is important to contact a Chicago, Illinois, immigration attorney as soon as possible to assess the options and start working toward your family reunification goals as efficiently as possible. 

What is Conditional Permanent Residence?

Most family members and spouses who are approved to come to the United States will be granted conditional permanent residence. Conditional permanent residence allows an immigrant all the same rights and privileges that a permanent resident has. This means that a conditional permanent resident has the right to live and work in the United States. The only difference is that 90 days before the two-year period after which the conditional residence was granted, the individual must apply to have the conditions removed. 

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If you have immigration goals, such as reuniting your family in the United States, our lawyers want to help. Contact the experienced immigration attorneys at the Sverdloff Law Group, located in Chicago, Illinois, to learn what options are available for you and your family, and how we can help you to achieve your goals. Schedule a consultation with the Sverdloff Law Group today. 

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